The Royal Tenenbaums

royal-tenenbaumsFamily.  This almost sounds like a foreign word these days, doesn’t it?  Now what about “dysfunctional family?”  I bet that sounds a little more familiar and dare-I-say a little more PC.  This is a movie about family that dysfunctions functionally and how everything that could possibly go wrong does, but for all the right reasons.  Meet Royal Tenenbaum, (Gene Hackman) a father who has been estranged from his three children for over twenty years.  Now the “experts” claim that in order for children to be successful or even law-abiding adults, you need to have both parents in the home.  Well guess what?  Royal’s three children… are successful geniuses (albeit flawed) and it was apparent from a very young age.  One was a real-estate mogul from the time he was a teenager, the other a MacArthur Grant winning playwright when she was in 9th grade, and the other a tennis pro at 17 ranked #7 in the world.

You know mothers do all the raising…

As I was saying… after becoming practically a stranger to his children after 22 years, Royal decides he wants to be back in his now adult children’s lives.  How does he get their attention?  He tells them he’s dying.

I’ll make this short and sweet… this movie, this story, these characters, and this dialogue is beyond phenomenal.  Never have I laughed so hard at dialogue while marveling at the scenery and mentally complimenting every cast member all at the same time.  Directed by Wes Anderson and co-written by him and Owen Wilson, this Academy Award nominated film (Best Original Screenplay) deserves your attention and respect.

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