Periodic East, Chapter 17 – MAC Scrub

Sam saw Kairi surprisingly still sitting in the same spot. Normally when Kairi was seen about the ship, she never stayed in the same spot for more than a few minutes. Sam looked down at his tray still filled with food and dumped it in the bin as he made his way back to her table. 

“I need to ask for a favor,” he said.

“Again? I told you I’ve had worse. Take it as a compliment,” she replied not looking up from her digital pad. (more…)

Periodic East, Chapter 16 – Rediscovered Language

Daniel shouted again the same phrase as he enthusiastically but slowly made his way through the mouth of the cave. “Zure Mende hemen sago.” I was right behind Daniel holding onto his shoulder.

“Daniel, what’s going on?” I ask. 

“It’s good, Tiberius. It’s good,” Daniel whispered back. (more…)

Periodic East, Chapter 15 – The Gators and MAC

SIS was in fine working order as far as Sam could tell. Whatever diagnostic hiccup she had was non-existent at best or immediately corrected at worse in his mind.

He had plopped down his tray and himself at a table normally reserved for an intimate clique of workers simply known as The Gators. They were five highly specialized hydroelectric engineers who all had one job: make sure all the shit vented into space and only space. To call them plumbers is an insult beyond all insults in their minds, but that’s what they were. The five-man team split shifts to ensure that “the ship never takes a shit.” That was their motto. (more…)

Periodic East, Chapter 14 – “Is that heaven?”

Sara was asleep riding piggy back on Miles’ back as we worked our way through the frozen tundra inch by inch. Tiberius led the way and suddenly stopped when we came across the mouth of a large cave. At this point we had been walking for over four hours, which considering the depth of the snow and the direction and strength of the wind, was just about two miles. 

Miles and I noticed a flickering light from inside the cave. Miles gingerly lowered Sara down and woke her up. She rubbed her eyes.

“Is that heaven?” Sara asked.  (more…)

Periodic East, Chapter 13 – Sam’s Confrontation

The Mess Hall was exactly how Sam had seen it every day since Icarus launched; full, vibrant, and loud. An array of people sitting with their typical cliques, Sam stood in line and grabbed a tray as he looked at what was on the day’s menu. 

Peanut butter and banana pancakes; diarrhea-plugging breakfast of champions. Along with an array of heavily concentrated juices and soy and pork sausages. As he looked around waiting to serve himself he notices Kairi sitting alone at her usual table. She doesn’t have any food with her, of course. Just a tea and her digital pad.  (more…)

Periodic East, Chapter 12 – Homesick

Miles, and the others were finishing their breakfast when the winds started to pick up. Miles made sure the tent Sara was sleeping in was sealed as best it could be. 

“We need to start moving soon,” Miles said.

I knew he was right. But I missed home. I missed summers. Real summers. Growing up in The French Quarter, I was a man who – once upon a time – appreciated the arts of the city. It was unlike any other on Earth. And the Earth was finally starting to appreciate that. But it wasn’t only the sounds of home that I longed for.  (more…)

Periodic East, Chapter 11 – The Mystery Guest

“Whoa! Wait! Put it down,” Sam pleaded to the stranger pointing the weapon at his head. 

“Who are you?” The man asked.

“I’m Sam. Samuel Ng.”

The stranger stayed silent, his weapon still drawn. 

“You want to tell me who you are?” Sam asked starting to breath heavily. 

“What am I doing here?” The stranger asked.

“I don’t know, pal. You just walked in and pointed that thing at me. Do you know what’ll happen if you fire a weapon in here?” (more…)