LeBron Being A Punk

lebron_crybaby_bigReports are circulating that Xavier Forward, Jordan Crawford dunked on LeBron James at LeBron’s own skills basketball camp.  But you won’t find this feat on any YouTube or ESPN website even though there were at least two professionals recording the pickup game where this occurred.  Shortly after LeBron got dunked on, he spoke to a Nike representative and then immediately had all the tapes of Crawford’s accomplishment confiscated.

I’m sorry, but Michael Jordan’s been dunked on, Kobe’s been dunked on, and even Shaq’s been dunked on… during NBA games!  So why is LeBron being such a sore loser obsessed with his image that he can’t have a sense of humor about himself and let Crawford have his standard 15 minutes of fame in the 21st century that we’re all entitled to?  I doubt very much that Nike would pull their $100,000,000 contract and endorsement deals with LeBron just for getting dunked on.  I can think of bigger reasons why he would lose his contract… like not being able to get past the Orlando Magic for one…


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