Busy Summer

IMG_5047So I’ve been very busy since I returned to Miami and even though it’s called Summer ‘vacation’, I’ve been just as busy-if not busier with stuff in the last month being home than my last month of final exams and projects in school.  Even though I sold my car and rarely leave my house during the week, I try to see friends as often as I can but my computer only gets turned off right before I pass out for the night.

For starters, I had to look for a job, and luckily for me, I found one at the Kendall Ale House; a sports bar down here.  I’m a host so I get paid more than minimum wage (but not much more) and all I’m supposed to do is just point to where people can sit but I am also a very convincing-and might I add- the fastest non bus boy that busses tables there is in that place.  I mainly only work nights during the weekend and get home on average of about 1 or 2 AM but this past weekend because of UFC 100 on Pay Per View, I got home after 3 AM.  I also followed that day pulling a double-shift which lasted over 13 hours but that’s another story.

Since I only work on average 2 days a week so I spend a lot of time working on my two online summer classes that I decided to take.  I just got my midpoint grades and I’m not happy with either grade (B and C) and I’m holding my breath for my 25-page midterm paper grade for my Aesthetics class where I have a ‘C’.  Each lesson and the homework has to be completed in about 3 days so I don’t get much time to pace myself.

Obviously, I’ve also been working tirelessly and impatiently on my new websites.  First this one, of course, then a YouTube page and a Facebook fan page.  To this day, I keep asking for advice and technical questions regarding how to modify all my pages to be the best I can make them look.

I’ve spent as much time with Adrian as I could helping him move again and also in redesigning what I hope is the final design for my logo.  Because once I decide on a design, it’s time to make new business cards.  I have to make 3 different kinds; one for each of my crafts: screenwriting, fight choreography, and voice-over work.

Have I left anything out…?  Oh yes.

I’ve been on the phone with the Spanish consulate of San Francisco to finalize the paperwork I need to apply for duel citizenship.  The idea is to keep as many doors open for myself as I can, of course, so if opportunity so arises, I can work as a professor or for a production company anywhere in Europe without needing work visas every year.  I have family and friends that now are living and studying all over Europe, (mostly Spain, Germany, and France) because if I do leave the country, continent, etc. I want to be albe to have at least one friend or family member to help me adjust.


2 thoughts on “Busy Summer

  1. Thats not necessarily the longest sentence I’ve ever read because this one time I actually remember reading this one sentence this one time that was in this book I got at the library when I used to read regularly, and I remember checking out this book that was written by this one guy who was pretty good at writing but I forgot was his name was, but I remember it was a really old book and the letters and everything was kind of blurry.

    Maybe the punctuation was just fading.

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