The Art of People-Watching

imagesHave you ever gone out to a party or a club and noticed someone just staring at you? At first you might think that maybe they’re just trying to sum up the courage to go up to you to strike up a conversation, ask you to dance, or offer to buy you a drink. Maybe they’re just creeping you out for the sake of creeping you out. Well, I am either both or neither depending on my mood but there’s always a third reason that many people don’t realize. People watching is extremely entertaining and can be down-right inspiring.

Last night I went out with Yiddish for ‘Blog’, Ruhi’s Ranting, and A Suit in Sneakers to ‘Purdy Lounge’ (a club in Miami Beach) and within seconds a woman came up to me and asked why I was staring into space instead of dancing or talking to the friends I was with. Now granted she was drunk off her ass and saying something to everyone that walked in and out, but I was the only person that she asked a question to. No, I’m not some kind of super hunk-far from it- nor do I have some strange deformity or whatever. I think the reason why I attract so much attention when I people-watch is because I have what has been called by random people on several occasions, “the face of a serial killer.” Now, for the record, I’m not a serial killer, but I can’t help but laugh my ass off every time I hear that.

Anyone that knows me can tell you I’m one of the nicest, mellow, and non-confrontational people you’ll ever meet. I don’t even like to scream… EVER. But for some reason, when I people-watch, it’s like entering this alternate universe where the only distraction is every distraction you can allow yourself to imagine and my ‘game face’, as some people call it, is one that makes people uncomfortable. I don’t try to scare people. That’s not my intention at all. But what I do do is take mental notes and give my imagination a jump-start for possible future story ideas and characters. So the next time you find someone staring at you, instead of following an understandable instinct to be freaked out or intimidated, you should be flattered. You might just end up being that person’s muse or inspiration to the next great story you read or movie you see.


3 thoughts on “The Art of People-Watching

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