The ‘Home’ Stretch: My Last Month in Miami…

Miami skylineLast week I quit my job at The Ale House after almost two months.  I had wanted free time to work on my independent stories and projects.  The day after my last day on the job, with still about a week left of my online Summer courses, I get a call from my aunt asking me a favor: to tutor a client of hers in writing a paper for her class in FIU.  Naturally because of my inability to say ‘no’ to people, I took the job.  My ‘student’ really does have difficulty with writing, but I’m doing everything I can to help her short of writing her paper for her.  Needless to say, I’m getting paid very handsomely for this.  And now, I have her to tutor plus to write an essay myself for my final assignment for one of my online classes that’s due in three days.

In other news, I got my new housing assignment complete with the contact info of my new roommates the other day and I booked my flight back to San Francisco.  I’m leaving Aug. 29; it’s a direct flight that leaves at 7:55 AM.  I got it at a bargain too for a very cheap $149.  The semester doesn’t start till September 3 but my first class isn’t till September 8.  I also had a very random moment of splurging and bought myself a brand new digital camcorder with all the fixings.  I got a Canon HD HF20 camera.  I’ve spent most of my entire stay home working or doing projects and haven’t had as much time as I thought I would have enjoying myself and visiting friends.  I still have friends and family members that I still haven’t seen since I’ve gotten home.

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