history’s blood bath vixen

elizabeth_bathory_I_by_mehmeturgutSo we’ve all heard of Dracula.  He was an actual count from Transylvania, Romania who’s real known name was Vlad Dracul.  He was infamously known for his cruelty and especially impaling villagers with wooden stakes.  Bram Stoker’s novel was based on Dracul’s life and was fairly accurate down to his sleeping in a coffin.  Despite his heinous crimes, there was no evidence or historical accounts of him being an actual blood sucker.

However… one of history’s forgotten figures was probably the most violent and horrible women of the 14th and 15th century.  Elizabeth Bathory (such an appropriate name considering…) was a well-educated Hungarian countess who suffered from violent seizures as a child.  When she was 15, she married a count who was also a soldier who was 11 years older.  After several years of marriage and giving birth to three kids, her husband died on the battlefield.  She never remarried and thought it was due to her appearing too old.

Desperate to revive her youth, she calls for her servants to bring her the most beautiful young girls in her village, had them all killed, decapitated, and their blood drained in order for her to bathe in their blood because she believed it would work as a fountain of youth to maintain and bring back her youthful and beautiful features.  Her family didn’t discover what she had been doing until ten years later.  Her trial was held in 1611 when she was 51 years old and she was confined to a mental asylum until her death four years later.


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