world’s smartest dog

IMG_0183I grew up having dogs all my life.  I’ve had my share of dogs that I wasn’t much of a fan of, (like the 2 German Shepherds who constantly dig themselves out of the back yard) or the blind poodle I had for 17 years that would always run away whenever I would get near her.  I’ve also had really cool dogs.  A few years back, I had a huge mix Rhodesian Ridgeback who was one of the most loyal animals I have ever seen.

Now for the last 2 years, Maya, our Pit Bull has been a member of my family.  Before you start to squirm or get worried, let me re-assure you.  IMG_2985I have NEVER EVER seen a kinder, gentler, more playful dog ever in my life.  And I’m a dog nut.  I walk the streets of San Francisco and stop to introduce myself to nearly every dog I see.  Anyways, these past few days, I’ve noticed something that at first got me kind of worried.  I would wake up in the morning and feed Maya, but she wouldn’t eat.  I would change her water bowl thinking that was the issue, nothing.  I would open the door to see if she wanted to go out, nothing.  But at some point throughout the day, she’d eat but I wouldn’t see her do it.  I just figured that maybe she just wasn’t hungry first thing in the morning.  The other day, I fed her as usual and then made my breakfast and during that whole time, Maya would just sit there and stare at her food.  I could tell she wanted to eat it, but she just wouldn’t.  After I ate my breakfast, I would go back to the laundry room (where Maya eats and where all the pet food is) and get a scoop of cat food (for my 2 cats that live in the front yard that my mom adopted) to feed the cats.  I noticed that Maya would follow me to the front door, step outside half-way and watch me put food in the cat’s bowl.  As soon as she saw that I did, she’d turn around and run to her bowl and eat!  SHE WOULDN’T EAT UNTIL I FED THE CATS FIRST!!  Tell me that’s not loyalty, tell me that’s not respect, tell me that’s not love, and go ahead and try to tell me that that doesn’t make her the world’s smartest dog.


One thought on “world’s smartest dog

  1. Yea I’m pretty smart. But yea, ummmm….

    I’m gonna have to ask you to stop cooking breakfast naked, and that thing you do with the peanut butter on ur lipstick…yea, you’re gonna have to stop.
    I don’t like peanut butter anyway.

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