the truth about lying and cheating

IMG_2281Back in February 2008, I was invited to Georgia-Tech University to discuss cheating in professional sports on their radio show.  I focused mainly on the great ‘spygate’ scandal of the New England Patriots and the whole steroid mess in MLB.  Today, a new set of tragedies plague professional sports: telling the truth.

imagesFirst the NFL.  We all know what happened with Michael Vick and frankly I’m so sick of hearing about it I don’t want to even discuss it.  Here’s what I will discuss.  Former Cleveland Browns receiver, Donte Stallworth, has been suspended for the entire 2009-2010 season WITHOUT pay after a drunk driving accident in Miami back on March 14 which resulted in killing 59 year-old Mario Reyes.  You can read the article here. He pleaded guilty, accepted full responsibility, and made a financial settlement with the Reyes family.  Because of his good behavior, cooperation with police, and extremely cunning attorneys, Stallworth only had to spend 24 days in jail.  Even though he was suspended without pay, is 24 days in jail and the likelihood of returning to make millions in the NFL next year fair?

arroyonewsx-largeWe all know the controversy MLB is surrounded by because of the steroid scandals.  There are dozens of debates addressed everyday by hundreds of sportswriters about the issue, especially in regards to if and how to conduct most of these players into the Hall of Fame.  Finally, a voice of reason.  Cincinnati Reds Pitcher, Bronson Arroyo, publicly admitted to taking illegal substances to help with his injury recoveries and said he would continue to do so.  He also said he considered it a Catch 22 because many of these substances are used in hospitals as medicinal purposes to help injured patients and kids today are being poisoned with sodas and fast foods.

I think Arroyo raises a good point.  Maybe honesty is the best policy and that it’s not a matter of if and how illegal substances will be identified by MLB, it’s a matter of when the time comes when it won’t be an illegal substance anymore.


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