3 Very True Short Stories

pacman_1-1When I was six years old, I had a bad dream.  I was walking out of my room to my parents’ room to sleep as mostly every six-year-old does whenever they wake up in the middle of the night.  (For me, at least, it was quite frequently.)  As I was walking through the hallway, I remember hearing a horrible thunderstorm.  The door to the bathroom was wide open and I saw a giant blue Pacman ghost (the ones he would eat) staring right at me.  I didn’t make a sound, nor did I make any sudden moves.  I just turned around, got right back into bed, and stayed there till morning.  When morning came, I go into the bathroom and saw that the door in the bathroom that led to the backyard was half open.  Was there really someone that tried to break into my house that night that I saw as a giant Pacman ghost?  I don’t know but I do know that I have never walked into my parents’ room again in the middle of the night for ANYTHING!  Not even when I was in the 8th grade with a stomach virus and was puking half the night.

I went to an International School in 3rd grade.  This meant that all my classes, math, science, handwriting, etc. were in Spanish.  I remember it was a very difficult school.  School let out at 4:00 every day and I was assigned about two projects a week.  About half way through the school year, I started having hallucinations.  I remember seeing a full-size (and when I say that, I mean up to the ceiling) Clifford ‘The Big Red Dog’ and a Batman shadow bouncing off the walls.  And to make things worse, the substitute we had for the second half of the year after the original teacher went on maternity leave called me ‘stupid.’

I hated my Middle School years.  On Valentine’s Day when I was in 7th grade someone sent a card to this girl that I didn’t even know under my name.  A teacher had found and read it and wanted to expel me based on what was written.  I didn’t write the card but just because it was signed with my name, that was all the proof the teacher needed to conclude that I had written it.  She said to me, “This is a Christian school.  No person would even know how to write something like this.”  How would I have known how to write something ‘like that’ you ask?  It was because I came from public school the year before.

The entire Middle School was all of about fifty-five students just to give you an idea as how small we’re talking here.  Needless to say, within minutes after the class let out, everyone knew what had happened.  To make a long story short, during my last class of the day, these two kids came up to me and confessed that they had written and sent the card as a joke and to not tell on them.

When school let out, sure enough, that teacher who found the card was waiting for me outside the classroom.  She asked if I was ready to accept the consequences of what I had done.  I told her that I had found the ones responsible who had actually written the card.  The teacher insisted that I tell her who it was because, “If you’re actually telling the truth, which I doubt, they have to be punished.”  I told her that those responsible did it as a joke and didn’t mean for it to get this out of hand, I forgave them, and I wanted this day to be behind me already.  Her words: “Maybe this was acceptable and normal in public school, but here we take this very seriously and the proper actions must be taken.”

My words: “Look, I might be new here, but let me tell you what I’ve learned.  I learned that we have to be forgiving and confess when you’ve done something wrong.  Well, these people came up to me and confessed and then I forgave them.  If you’re telling me that that’s not enough, then that makes you and the basis of the teachings of this school hypocritical.  So if you want their names, whatever you do to them you do to me too and I promise I’ll take you down with us.”  She turned and walked away and never spoke to me again.


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