district 9

imagesWhenever I see a movie, the most important thing for me is always the story.  Duh, I’m a writer.  District 9 took a very old and even cliché movie concept of an alien invasion and turned that very concept on its head.  The story is about a race of aliens that become stranded in Johannesburg, South Africa.  After over 20 years of living among the humans, the aliens (known as prawns) are sequestered into a mini civilization complete with their own laws, contracts, and regulations that are regulated by an agency created to govern them known as the MNU.

The cinematography and camera work was also unique within itself.  The film starts out like a documentary or a news report and as the film progresses it shifts to a standard film view.  However the use of camera angles and cinematography was very unique and it looked like you were walking through a FPS video game.  The overall acting and character development was also pretty impressive in conjunction with the story.  I know I always try to compare or combine stories and other movies to new works.  So I’d say District 9 is a hybrid between Cloverfield and Halo.  Chew on that.


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