simpsons new look?

simpmain_871120aMy friend Yiddish for ‘Blog’ sent me an article that he knew I would find compelling.  And he was right because after seeing this I had to say something about it.  As you can see, the trademark yellow skin of the Simpsons is now brown.  The whole family now dons traditional African clothing of the region.  And even the beer can and painting behind the couch has been adjusted to be better-identified by Angolans. An advertising agency in Angola has decided to ‘alter’ the appearance of the most most familiar nuclear family in television history for an ad promoting a new satellite TV service.  At first glance I thought it was hilarious, but I wasn’t laughing… do I think it’s racist?  Of course not.  Do I think it’s offensive?  No.  Do I think it’s genius?  Yes.

simp380_871123aThe Simpsons have been on the air for over 20 years and air in 90 different countries in dozens of languages.  This to me, is just another way of giving an homage with some witty humor of the city of Springfield (where the Simpsons live) and its most popular residents.  Even the episodes themselves in the past have had Holloween specials where they themselves changed in some way.  They’ve been shown in 3D once, and Homer even had a scary premonition of having inbred kids with 5 fingers and no overbite.  The point is that I have absolutely no problem with this respectfully-altered piece of art or the product it is endorsing.

Wait… where’s the cat in the Angolan picture?  Probably hiding in Marge’s jet-black hair.

Here is the article if you want to read it yourself.


One thought on “simpsons new look?

  1. Holla atcha DOH’ boy muuhfuka. Izza good thang youz aint hatin’ on my new gear or else I’d hafta come on down der and bussa CAP in yo ass nucka

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