back to school, back to ‘reality’

IMG_5278After much deliberation and failed job applications during this past summer, I decided that it was in my best interest to return to San Francisco for Graduate School.  I’ve been back here just over a week and I’m yet to have class yet.  My first class will be tomorrow night and won’t have another day of class till the following Monday.IMG_0916

I now live in a new building that overlooks my department where all my classes will be.  So I’ve gone from spending about 25 minutes on the bus to get to my classes in the Spring semester to walking 3 minutes to get to my classes in the Fall semester.  The building has six floors, but no 4th floor or 6th floor.  So it goes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and then 5th!  Why?  Because the 3rd and 5th floors are double-leveled lofts that house six people.  I’m on the 2nd floor, so there’s only four of us total in here.

IMG_5292IMG_0176_2My roommates and the people in the building are from all over the world!  Most are from Mainland China.  One of my roommates, Bowei, is from Shanghai and he’s teaching me lots of Mandarin and I’m teaching him Spanish.  All in all the place is pretty sweet.  My other roommate, Levi, is from Los Angeles so he didn’t travel as far as the rest of us did… and Matthew (not pictured) doesn’t talk much.  The silent Hawaiian.

As the semester progresses, I’m sure to add posts and films on my sites regarding my work.  I’m looking forward to sharing it with the world and for all of you telling me what you think.  Thanks for reading.


One thought on “back to school, back to ‘reality’

  1. Aloha Mr. Darkravenblog,

    We people of Hawai’i have fought for decades to stop the unfair portrayal of Hawai’ians as silent people.

    In actuality, we, the people of the beautiful Hawai’i, love talking!

    The wonderful President of our beautiful country, Mr. Obama, is Hawai’ian, and he LOVES talking, as evidenced by his almost weekly nationally-televised addresses.

    So we hope you apologize to your friend Matthew. We Hawai’ians are NOT silent! We love talking as we hula dance, talking as we wear leis, and talking as we drink delicious Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale!

    We hope you now spread the word that Hawai’ians love to talk!


    Hawai’ian Minister of Fire-breathing,
    Rikishi Fatu

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