vlad the painter

I was on my way back home from spending the day with friends and we wanted to stop at the Salvador Dalí studio but it was closed.  Disappointed, I turned around and started heading back to my bus stop and came across another art gallery from a Russian painter named Vladimir Vitkovsky.  Vitkovsky was born in 1950 and immigrated from the former Soviet Union in 1989 already being trained by some of the greatest masters of the time.

When I walked into the studio, clockworkI was immediately drawn to this painting (pictured at the right) called ‘Clock-work World.’  When I proceeded to look around, I kept on seeing paintings that reminded me immediately of some of my own stories that I’ve been writing and see exactly how I would want to visually see my stories on film.  The absolute winner for me, however, was a painting I found in the studio of Don Quijote.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture of it online, likely because it’s one of his most recent works.

I’ve always been someone who very-much enjoyed looking at art, specifically paintings.

The curator/consultant at the studio named Marina just happened to be Vitkovsky’s wife.  Turns out she is an accomplished author who has her masters in Linguistics.  She spoke Russian, English, and Spanish with ease.  Marina was very sweet and showed us some of his other works in the back of the studio and I was just amazed as to how his paintings seemed to jump out at me (he literally paints with a 3D technique) when you change the lighting of the room.  When I told Marina I was from Miami, she got very excited and told me about how much she and Viktor wanted to open a studio there.  We exchanged business cards and she offered to invite me back to the studio the next time Viktor would be in the studio.  When I told her I was a writer, she also offered to let me read samples of my work the next time Vladkovsky himself was going to be there for another unveiling.


3 thoughts on “vlad the painter

  1. I am Marina Ostrova, who happened to be Vitkovsky’s wife and I read your wonderful story with pleasure. Vladimir Vitkovsky & I would gladly host you again!
    Marina & Vladimir
    (415) 922-4278

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