crazy week and thesis project

IMG_0260So yea, like the title says, I’ve had a pretty crazy week filled with some of the most amazing experiences I’ve had all year. I first received an e-mail from my friend who’s a director asking for me to act in his feature film at the last minute. I ended up traveling all the way to Berkeley, CA. a few days back and was on-set for over 7 hours to film a 3-minute scene… Welcome to my world.

IMG_0257I was walking through Downtown the other day and saw a sign outside Jefferey’s, a vintage Toy Store where a sign was posted that Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca from Star Wars, was having a signing. I walk in and sure enough there he was. All 7 feet 4 inches of him. He was actually a very nice man who gladly posed in a picture with me and I got a signed picture from the 1977 Rolling Stones Magazine cover from the film’s premiere. I even gave him my business card. I couldn’t resist. LOL!!

Now back to the reason that I’m out here: Graduate School. I have decided to film three scenes of ‘A Thousand Words’ as my thesis project that I will pitch in front of a panel during my Midpoint review next semester in order to be able to produce the full feature project so I can then submit it for every film festival that’s willing to show it. It will take me the whole semester to do. It’s going to run somewhere from 10-12 minutes, but it’s going to take me the whole semester to find a director, producer, editor, scout locations, have casting calls to audition actors, production, and post production… it hurts just reading all that. Well, it’s why I’m here.

Wish me luck!!


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