‘Brandon’ & Lending My Voice

'Brandon'On Halloween Day, I acted in another one of my classmates film, ‘Brandon.’ I had to wake up at 6:40 that morning and take the MUNI to this small apartment about a mile and a half away. Naturally with me being the punctual stickler that I am, I was the first person from the crew to arrive on set. We started shooting like at around 8:30 AM after the final touches were done on the set and we finished filming at around 6:15 PM. So roughly about twelve hours. What kind of film did I act in? A short comedy about three roommates thinking they’re stuck in some quasi game-show. When it’s all said and done, the film should be about 7 minutes long. Twelve hours… one location, two rooms, three actors, and a crew of about twenty people total. And yes, to those reading this that thinks that’s preposterous, that’s the norm. If anything, our crew was undersized.

ADR Dark KnightOne of the people I met on set was the script supervisor, Daniel. I had told him that I had done a little voice-over work and he sent me an invite to audition for this voice-over assignment. He had to create new sound for the interrogation scene from The Dark Knight and wanted me to come in and audition to read for Batman. When I went to the audition, after introducing myself to the crew, the director looked at me and said, “You’re hired.” I was taken aback and so was Daniel. He asked if she (the director) wanted me to read from the script at all and the director repeated, “No, he’s hired.” I finished recording my part yesterday and the part of the Joker should be finished by tomorrow night.

I’m going to get copies of both products once they’ve been edited and will post them on my sites as soon as I can. The voice-over I should get in the next two weeks, the short film, hopefully before I go home for Christmas. Oh, and as for the feature film I was in at the beginning of the semester, I hopefully will get a copy of that in about six months.


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