One Year Down

I am now, as of tonight, complete with my first full year of Graduate School. After all the stresses of movie-making (and I’m not being sarcastic), I get on a couple of planes tomorrow and fly home for the holidays. I’ve had so many interesting experiences that I’ll never forget. I’ve acted in a short film, a feature film, I did ADR work, modeled for a bunch of photo and storyboard assignments, and I’m working with a small group of 3D animators making a video game opening sequence based on a script I wrote. I met a lot very interesting people and got reunited with virtually everyone from my first semester out here and let me just say to all of you if you’re reading this: “You all freaking rock!” I’ve also picked up a lot of conversational Mandarin Chinese and some Korean.

I’ll be home for 6 weeks only which is much shorter compared to the 3 months I was home over the summer. But it’s not going to be all relaxing. Me? Relax? Please… I have to finalize my Midpoint Portfolio over the break which will be very time-consuming. I also wouldn’t mind finding a small part-time job while I’m home. (The odds of that aren’t good, though.) I also want to finally decide on which film I would want to shoot (or can based on availability and time) independently. If you read my blog regularly, you might remember I posted three possibilities and asked all of you to help me decide. Well just to give you all an idea as to what has to be done: I gotta put together a film crew which consists of a director, producer, editor, DP, camera operator, boom operator, sound engineer, actors, script supervisor, and probably a make-up artist. A location has to be found, we have to audition a cast, rehearse, and shoot the damn thing. I acted on a short this semester that had a cast of three total, one location, two rooms, and our crew was a modest twenty people.

But forget all that for now because I’m going home!


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