Who Do You Look Like?

Let’s say you’re at a restaurant, a club, some social setting where there’s guaranteed to be lots of people; most of them strangers.  How often do you see someone and you wonder, “Could that be X-celebrity?” or “You look so much like X-person?”  Facebook recently started this social experiment with the Coca-Cola company to find people who look like you.  If you wanna sign up and check it out, here’s the link.  I’m always looking for people who look like people.  It’s another perk that I forgot to mention in my earlier post about people-watching.  You can read it if you haven’t read it yet or forgot about it.  I’m constantly looking for people who look like other people, especially celebrities.  I’m also looking for any celebrity who looks like me.  So far the closest resemblance I’ve found and who people have said I look like is Manu Ginobili.  For those of you who don’t know, Ginobili is the Shooting Guard for the San Anotonio Spurs. Also, just another example, consider Spanish actor, Javier Bardem and American actor Jeffery Dean Morgan.  Can you tell who’s who?

So next time you’re out on the town, look around and look for someone who looks like you or someone you know.  You might be surprised who you might accidentally run in to.


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