My Own Place

So after arriving back in San Francisco, I had a lot of issues with my Financial Aid, housing arrangements, and a former roommate.  As a result, I had to leave campus housing and find a place off campus… and I had 36 hours to do it.  I frantically called several friends and classmates asking if they themselves needed a roommate or knew anyone that did.  Everyone I spoke to either preferred living alone and had too small of a place to share or already had enough roommates.

I decided to check the one apartment building I knew: Mosser Towers in the Tenderloin.  Now to those who don’t know, The Tenderloin is a part of San Francisco that is resident to the largest collection of homeless, drug dealers, and criminals in the city.  The only reason  I knew about this particular location is not because I’m a dealer; it’s because my very first roommate from when I first arrived here now lives in the same building.

The upside to all this is that I don’t have any roommates so I stay up as late as I want or sleep whenever I want without having to work around other roommates’ schedules.  There’s no one else to clean up after (because I did that a lot last semester.)

I live in a ‘cozy’ little place that’s about 350 sq. feet.  I’m certainly living within or below my means.  I’ve been there almost a month now and I still have no table, no chair, one fork, one knife, one spoon, one plate, one bowl, one mug.  I sleep on a $10 air mattress and have no internet.  But it’s only temporary.  I’m on a month-to-month lease and after I go home for the Summer, I’ll have to find another place to live for the Fall Semester.


One thought on “My Own Place

  1. And I thought we were living simply in the city. Our 520 sq foot apartment doesn’t have much furniture yet either, but I do have plenty of dishes and cookware as I like to cook. We are only there on weekends for now, but plan to be more permanent once school is out. We bought a real mattress last weekend, after sleeping on an air mattress for a few months. Keetsa is a great place to buy a real bed should you ever be in the market. It’s down on 9th and Clementina.

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