My Scary Face To Good Use

A while back, I wrote a post about People Watching and how the way I look when I’m totally focused and aware of my surroundings means I strike fear in the minds of the passersby.  Well someone finally decided to exploit that for good use.  A schoolmate of mine known to everyone as “Ninja Mike” approached me a few weeks ago and asked that I be his model for his Figure Drawing Class.  It began with taking a couple of head-shots where he simply said, “Look scary.”  Obviously this is quite easy for me to pull off and now it’s finally starting to payoff.

Of the about 40 head-shots he took, “Ninja Mike” and I pondered over which one he was going to use to create a life-like and life-size duplicate for his class assignment.  I’m sure most of my friends on Facebook have seen the pictures that I’m referring to and those who know me personally or have read the aforementioned post know how scary I’m able to make myself appear.  Have a look and see if you can tell which one is the picture and which one is the drawing.  

You can check out “Ninja Mike’s” work on his own website and blog here.


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