What Now, Wade? Bosh? Amare? LeBron???

Last Thursday, the Cleveland Cavaliers were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs by the rapidly-aging Boston Celtics in 5 games. This was despite the fact that the Cavs had the best record in the Eastern Conference with a very impressive 61-21 record during the regular season. But as all NBA fans know, the regular season record means close to nothing once you get to the playoffs.

This summer also marks one of the most closely watched in many years because it’s the year where Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, and LeBron James, (along with several others) become free agents. These NBA superstars have

been studied down to the subconscious level to try to read for clues in their body language and mannerisms to see where these players will play in the upcoming year. Sportscasters and analysts have changed their story and theory throughout the season as often as they’ve changed their socks during the course of the regular season alone.

Also, with the emergence of a new NBA owner on the horizon, a Russian billionaire who keeps an AK-47 in his office and has “no idea” where his yachts are at any given time, there is no telling where and what will motivate these players to want to relocate or stay with their current teams. Here’s my take on the matter; my theory of who will go where:

With salary caps through the roof for teams like Miami, New York, and Chicago; and with the likely number one pick in the next draft going to New Jersey, there is a lot of history, intrigue, and of course money to be used to try to persuade these players to come to their cities. The Miami Heat have already created a website, wewantwade.com, and posted billboards over the Miami highway to try to convince him to stay. Even the players themselves have asked for advice. The very eccentric Chris Bosh posted on Twitter suggestions from fans over where they think he should play next.

But I digress…

I am obviously very biased in saying this, but I believe Wade should stay in Miami. With our salary cap one of the largest in all the NBA, the Heat can sign (and should) a real Center (I prefer Amare Stoudemire) to help Wade out because he has put his body through enough abuse taking it to the hole every time. Amare is the only major free agent who is still in the playoffs right now (with the Phoenix Suns) and will start their series against the Lakers tonight. If Amare wins it all, he might decide to stay with Phoenix, but even that is a shot in the dark. If Bosh (another Center) could go to NY. I don’t think he will go to Chicago because they already have an amazing young Center in Joakim Noah. Along with him, and Derrek Rose, the Bulls could possibly sway LeBron and REALLY be under Michael Jordan’s shadow…. think he can handle that kind of pressure? I don’t think so…

Again this is all speculation and time will only tell. In the mean time, we all have our eyes and ears glued to NBA news because once July 1 comes along… official offers and deals can be made. Stay tuned…


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