E3 2010 (Microsoft X-Box 360)

As the video game expo of 2010 comes to a close, E3 presented fans, gamers, and programmers with senses of amazement, humor, inspiration, and a sudden urge to go dancing and do lots of exercise.  E3 kicked off on Monday with a presentation by Microsoft to show what the X-Box 360 has in store for the remainder of the year and slightly beyond in regards to games and new hardware.  The two biggest (or smallest) pieces of eye candy was the newly renamed Kinect and the newer, slimmer, 360 console which has a built-in 250 GB Hard Drive and built-in wifi!  Kinect should reach retailers in November and the new 360 is already available at retailers and sells for $299.

The Slimmer X-Box 360

Kinect is the newest and most interactive way to play video games and connect with family and friends.  It works solely on your movement.  NO CONTROLLERS REQUIRED!  Kinect shows the future of gaming and just how interactive it can get… Yes Sony has something similar and of course the Nintendo Wii paved the way for all this, but it’s the only hardware that boasts NO CONTROLLERS REQUIRED!

The big games that made an impression (on me, at least) that were presented at E3 were Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and Gears of War 3.  Other games that were presented for X-Box 360 were Fable 3, Assassin’s Creed: The Brotherhood, and Dead Space 2.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

X-Box Live is also getting an amazing upgrade and makeover.  Not only will it sync seamlessly with Kinect, but it will also add new features FOR FREE with your Live Gold Subscription.  Yes, I’m talking about ESPN!!!  You can watch live games of any and every sport you can think of, check highlights, or even watch archived games like those they play on ESPN Classic.  No release date has been made public for ESPN to join the X-Box family, but rumors circulating say it will be around the same time as the release of Kinect.

The future of gaming and the advances of technology are now becoming synonymous with each other.  People have already dedicated entire rooms in their houses or convert garages into game rooms because of all the games they have.  It looks like we’ll need more room just to be able to play the games.  A little corner in a bedroom or den won’t do anymore…

I have to save up for a bigger place now.  😉

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