Back Into The Rhythm of Things & Filming a TV Show

My first month home has proven to be a very stimulating one. First of all and most importantly, my brother is back home doing very well after brain surgery. He still has to have another procedure done in the near future, but the worst is over. I have been doing the best I can by at least appearing useful since my arrival back to Miami. Mostly all I do that makes a difference to anyone is empty the dishwasher, feed the animals, or take out the trash. So essentially the same things that any 9-year old would do. I’ve started my second Summer semester of Graduate School online and just as expected, it is a giant pain in the ass. However, once these classes are done, I’ll only have eight classes left till I get my Masters Degree.

I’ve also managed to return (at least for now) the biggest passion of my life: Tae Kwon Do. I returned to my first class in over a year on Wednesday and felt horribly sore and incredibly relieved after over 2 hours of training. I think I’m in horrible shape now but I should be back in regular and improved form in no time and if I end up staying in Miami for at least the fall semester, I hope to achieve my third degree black belt by the end of the year. Job hunting has been literally on both extremes of feeling in such a short time. The good news is that I actually created a job for myself that didn’t previously exist while interviewing for a different position. I get to work from home which means I set my own hours and don’t have to worry about driving, traffic, etc. Unfortunately, it is a freelance job and it is very uncertain as to if or for how long I can continue doing projects for the agency. I have already started job hunting again and hope to land something sooner concrete with decent pay and benefits sooner than later.

I have been in close contact with a good friend of mine back in San Francisco for the last few days who is producing a TV Pilot that I wrote. He and another professional acquaintance are in preliminary planning right now with getting sponsorship, scouting location, and planning audition schedules for the responding actors. If all remains on schedule (which it never does,) shooting should start by the end of July. My producer says that he might be able to land one (or even more) actors that are SAG! (Screen Actors Guild) This would be a huge opportunity for me to network and meet several working industry professionals. If he does land at least one SAG actor, I already told my producer that I would fly to San Francisco to be present for the shooting. If he lands more than one, I’ll fly over and provide the Kraft services. (Food and Drink) I’ll keep everyone posted on how it goes down so stay tuned!


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