Without trying to turn this into a psychology lecture, consider the following: every person dreams and those dreams play a pivotal role in your life and contribute greatly in the development of your sub-conscious and conscious mind.  Now onto the movie review: From the opening frame of the movie, I could tell that this was going to be unlike anything else I’ve ever seen.  They ask the most important question you’ll probably ever consider, “What is the most resilient parasite?”  Answer: An idea.  Ideas that are truly self-motivated based on pure imagination and creativity, however the idea first entered a subject’s mind, be it motivated by an emotional response, a false interpretation or understanding of another original thought, or through the sub-conscious, an idea is the most contagious concept in existence.

A small group of brilliant “thieves” that specialize in stealing ideas from people’s dreams headed by Dom Cobb (DiCaprio) is presented with an impossible job offer and opportunity to return to his children by a Japanese billionaire (Ken Watanbe) todo the exact opposite; plant an idea into someone’s dreams.  The only way to successfully do that is to make the subject believe that the idea came to them on their own– a nearly-impossible thing to do.  Now a very apprehensive but dedicated team, each with very specific specialties, must race against the clocks (yes, there’s more than one) to plant an idea into a business rivals dream.

Christopher Nolan has done it again.  He is such a talented filmmaker that always does what works.  His use of environment, especially in a movie like this, is certainly unprecedented.  Granted, Nolan uses a lot of the same cast in most of his films, but to that I say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  My favorite performances however were from Ken Watanabe and Ellen Page.  I know I always compare movies to other movies that have already been made.  Now the commercials on TV say “Matrix” meets “James Bond.”  I think that’s a half truth.  First of all, it makes “Matrix” look like a simple concept… but there are similarities.  I’d say it’s more like “Matrix” meets “Hamlet” (the play within the play– the dream within a dream within…)



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