Shank (X Box Live)

I was on X Box Live about a month ago (as I am most nights) and noticed a promotional video for an upcoming game (which released today) called “Shank.”  The game is as gory and simple as it sounds.  A basic story about a guy out for revenge after his girlfriend is raped and killed by gangsters.  The gameplay is best described as a side-scrolling 2D gore-fest crossover of “Devil May Cry”, and “Streets of Rage.”

You play as Shank (yes, that’s his name.)  The game starts out with you walking into an old-fashion saloon looking for the man responsible for killing your woman.  When the bartender recognizes you and doesn’t like your attitude, he calls for reinforcements which shows a wonderfully bloody cut scene of you obtaining your starting weapons: a pair of shanks, a chainsaw, and duel-wielding pistols.

The extremely easy controls and button mechanics provide you with nearly unlimited possibilities for sick combos to take out your enemies as they come at you in hordes one location at a time but it never feels repetitive because you’re constantly trying new combos to make your progress through the game either most efficient, most graphic, or both.

As you progress through the game, you’re able to unlock different achievements, weapons, and costumes for our disturbed and bloodthirsty hero.  You can download the demo for free or buy the full version for 1200 Microsoft Points.  This game does take up a lot of space (2 GB on your hard drive)  but it’ll be well worth it.


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