A God-Given Radio Voice Is Given A New Home

So about five seconds ago in tech time, which is about three days ago in real time, a homeless man in Columbus, Ohio was holding up his hand-written sign as he did I’m sure every day that read that he had a God-given radio voice.  A local newspaper crew went over to see him with their video camera and got a couple of sound bites and just like that, the man has been offered jobs from the NBA, ESPN, NFL, and dozens of local radio stations.  The Cleveland Cavaliers were the first to snatch him, GAVE HIM A HOUSE and flew him to New York to see his mother.

Ted Williams, originally from Brooklyn, New York, admitted on camera very wholeheartedly when interviewed by the local newspaper crew that day, that he was a recovering drug user and alcoholic going on two years sober.  He is what seems to be a very kind-hearted man with an amazing voice and very much deserving of a second chance.  Well… he’s got his chance now.

If you haven’t seen or heard the man I’m referring to, here it is.  It’s nothing short of awe-inspiring.  The first feel-good story of 2011.  I hope there will be many more feel-good stories to come.  This world needs it.


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