The Dark Knight Rises Villains Revealed

Even before the ink was dry on the envelope that revealed the late Heath Ledger won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in “The Dark Knight” for his role as The Joker, rumors were already hungrily circulating over the possible next Batman installment. First and foremost, audiences wanted to know if Christopher Nolan would return as the Director and C0-Writer of the script. A few months after the Oscars, all he revealed was that he would do another Batman, it would be his last, and there will be no Robin. The last part of the news was probably the biggest relief to the fans.

Then the real speculation and rumors started and had been going on for a better part of two years. Rumors about the storyline, when production would begin, and more importantly: which villains would be in the movie and who would be cast to play those rolls?

Fans and fanatics alike began blogging like maniacs all their speculations, rumors they had supposedly heard, and proudly stated their theories over which villains there would be and who would be cast. Fan posters started popping up everywhere on the Internet with which villain they wanted to see and who would portray them. I myself took part in this little theory game when I created a facebook fan page for Jim Parsons to be cast as The Riddler. In all honesty, based on his acting abilities not only on the hit TV show, The Big Bang Theory where he has already won an Emmy, but also in his work in the movie Garden State, I really believed he would have made an amazing Riddler. But alas, I too was among the fanboys who were wrong.

Most of the fan-made posters I saw were actually really compelling that changed accordingly and as accurately as the rumors had. Most claimed that Phillip Seymore Hoffman would be cast as The Penguin. After that, it was a crap shoot. Everyone, myself included, truly believed that The Dark Knight sequel, (recently revealed to be titled “The Dark Knight Rises”) would include The Riddler. Speculation as to who fans wanted to portray him stretched from Neil Patrick Harris to Johnny Depp to Eminem! That’s right, Eminem. I’ll give you a minute to take that in…

Evidently we were all wrong. A few months ago, very “reliable sources” claimed that Tom Hardy was going to be cast as an undetermined Batman villain. Rumors started again with a fresh batch of theories and fan-made posters. First thought was of course The Riddler and then rumors started that he would play Victor Strange, a not-well known albeit confusing choice to both casual and die-hard fans alike.

Suddenly, a few weeks ago there was confirmed reports that four leading ladies were going to audition for the role of Catwoman! That role, not surprisingly in my opinion went to Anne Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway

Then it was revealed who Tom Hardy would play and NO ONE got this one right. Hardy will play the chemically-enhanced muscle giant, Bane.

Now the real speculation begins over what the story-line will be. There are already comic book experts claiming that the movie HAS to follow one of only four possible comics that include both Catwoman and Bane. It should also be noted that Bane does break Batman’s spine in one of the issues and Christopher Nolan did say this would be his last Batman film… let the speculation begin.

Tom Hardy


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