My Dreams Are Screwing w/ My Subconscious

So I’m now just a few days away from moving back cross country to San Francisco after being home in Miami since late May.  It’s going to be my last semester and upon completion, I will have my Masters Degree.

First two nights ago, I dreamed that I was already back in Miami after completing school, but moving out of the house and into my own apartment.  But I’m constantly thwarted with my moving plans with constant interruptions of phone calls by family asking me to help them move furniture and I just can’t seem to get away from it all so I can do my own moving.

Last night I dreamed that I was in San Francisco and had just arrived to my new apartment and met my new roommates.  I was confused when I saw that a room meant for 6 people and should be big enough for 6, was no bigger than my room here at home.  It was just a line of mattresses on the floor with a bathroom at the end of the wall.  I was sure there was a mistake.  I went to the offices to work it out, but they insisted that there was no mistake.

When I tried to make a phone call to call home to tell them I was going to find a place off-campus, I realized that I had left my phone at home.  When I went to e-mail them, it turned out I left my computer too.  Then, I realized I had no other option, I had to return home.  I go back to the airport to buy a ticket to fly back home and turns out I left my wallet too!

What are these dreams and what is my subconscious trying to tell me?



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