Last Semester of Graduate School (Month 1)

So my first month back in San Francisco has certainly been an interesting one.  New housing, new roommates, new random characters, characteristics, sleeping habits, and random noises to get accustomed to.  I’m now back to living in campus housing where I have five, yes five roommates.  All coming from a different part of the country… or the globe.  One roommate had to take a twenty-six hour flight to arrive in San Francisco from his native Jordan.

The good news is that I no longer have a roommate like last time who was most likely autistic and suffered from extreme social anxiety disorder.  And all of us get along surprisingly well.  We all have different senses of humor and behavioral patterns, but here are the two most important things: no one eats anyone else’s food and no one has drunken rages.  Some of them have several booty calls a week, but that’s a different story.

So let me tell it to you.

One night I go downstairs for a glass of water like at around 4:30 AM and find one of my roommates asleep at his desk.  I thought to myself, “The poor guy.  He fell asleep studying.”  When I woke him up and told him to go to his bed he simply shook his head saying he couldn’t.  When I asked why, I heard the answer, not from him, but from the woman moaning in ecstasy behind me.

Message received.

Surprisingly they were very civil about the whole thing.  Immediately after they finished, the two bunkmates were trying to figure out each other’s class schedules so not to have late nights the night before one of them had to be up early for class the next day.

Oh, right.  Class.

I’m taking a total of four classes.  (Three on site and one online.)  The insane part is that all my classes are on the same day: Monday.  Ten hours a day for one day a week I sit in a classroom.  After that, six-day weekends every week with all the time I need to do homework, independent projects, look for a job (standby) etc.  This means that my Spring Break is six days longer than pretty much everyone else and my last day of school will be about six days sooner than everyone else.

Unfortunately not every story from being in San Francisco is something to cherish.  Last night, one of my roommates went out with a friend.  They were finishing watching a movie and he decided to go outside for a cigarette.  He never made it back inside.  Details are sketchy and unclear but the end result is nothing short of astonishing and tragic.  He had been mugged… at least four times.  He had his wallet, phone, shoes, vest, and credit cards stolen.  He had been dragged around the city by gangsters, pimps, and prostitutes and when he finally got away, it took him over five hours to walk back to the apartment.  He had been walking around barefoot and no warm clothing in rainy 40 degree weather all night.  It’s a miracle he wasn’t stabbed or shot or worse.

I also plan to audition for a lot more acting roles and so far I’m making true to that claim.  Early this morning, after my roommate had finally calmed down from his tragic night, I went to an audition that I thought went very well.  (Stand by for results) but even if I don’t get the part, I offerred my services as a fight choreographer and trainer to the actors for the film and also did so for another film that I auditioned for.  I didn’t get the part, but I was asked to stay on board and choreograph the fights.  I also was a model for a girl’s makeup assignment where I was turned into a zombie trapped in the snow.  Let me know if you wanna see the pics.  The makeup effects are actually really cool.  I was in the chair for about an hour and a half.

I just learned that I have to have one of my scripts to be produced and presented to the Final Review Committee in order for me to be able to graduate.  This is news to me because I never had to have anything produced for my Midpoint and even now I’m still a little unclear on the details as to why this is coming as a shock to me.  Luckily I met up with a good friend of mine (a DP) who is in a very similar predicament as I am.  We are both going to bust our asses trying to get one of my scripts shot by next month.

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