WonderCon 2011

Most people know that I am very busy finishing up my last month of Graduate School here in San Francisco. I rarely leave my room and I certainly don’t go out and spend lots of money on anything simply because I never have the times or funds. Well I got a nice tax return back and I think I owed it to myself to get out of the room and enjoy myself at least for one weekend. Especially now since it’s my last one and considering all the crazy shit I’ve been through this semester already.

Some friends in my building had told me that WonderCon was going to be in town and that I should go with them. I had never been to a Convention and so I figured, what the hell? We even had this horrible running joke going for our first few minutes when we arrived saying things like, “I actually have friends that aren’t from the Internet.” or “I’ve actually had sex with a girl and didn’t do it over a computer or had to pay for it.”  But we stopped after a few minutes because we sounded way too cruel and annoying.  But on with the convention… Dude… this place was like “Nerd-Vana.”

It’s like a state fair for nerds.  It’s this humongous room filled with tents, booths, and tables of any and all independent and mainstream artwork, videos, films, and B-List Celebrities.  I myself met Jim Kelly from Enter the Dragon, Larry Thomas (AKA The Soup Nazi), and Lou Ferrigno (The Original Incredible Hulk.)  I found myself taking pictures like a madman.  It felt a little like Halloween on South Beach or The Grove but all super hero costumes and the ratio of attractive females was at a much lower percentile.

It was just such a treat to let my not-so-inner nerd out in full force and Marvel (no pun intended) at all the cool collectables and independent artists, filmmakers and self-publishers.  I even met a man who had built an actual working R2 unit!  I really enjoyed myself and now wouldn’t mind going to the convention that’s held every year in Orlando Florida.  It’ll be the closest one to me when I get home from school.


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