I just finished watching this and was given another stellar example that if you want to be a filmmaker, you don’t need a huge budget, crazy locations, or even more than one on-screen actor.  First of all, as always, you need a GREAT STORY.  In Buried, a film by Spanish filmmaker Rodrigo Cortés, you meet the one and only character on screen played by Van Wilder himself, Ryan Reynolds.  The movie starts out with Reynolds already in the coffin waking up after being kidnapped by terrorists.

The whole movie is essentially Reynolds calling everyone he can think of in efforts to try to get himself out in time while the terrorists call him making ransom demands… but the movie is more than that.

Buried masterfully shows through cinematography, sound, and lighting the suspense and anxiety brought on by claustrophobia.  It is flooded with political and social disagreements regarding war, bureaucracy, and the so-called protocol taken in regards to hostage situations.

But be forewarned SPOILER ALERT: this movie DOES NOT have a Hollywood ending which probably explain why we didn’t hear from it very much at all in the box office.


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