Creative Resumé for Job Hunting

So since finishing my Master’s, I’ve been on an aggressive tear looking for a job.  Researching job openings and companies are something I’ll save to talk about for another post, but today I want to talk about the most important part about applying for a job: the resumé.  More than ever now, when there is a job opening posted, companies get overrun with applications and resumés.  There in lies the question: How do you make your resumé unforgettable, memorable, and make the employer feel that they NEED TO CALL YOU?  This is what my research and creativity came up with.

As I researched and looked for jobs involving web design, photography, writing, etc. my girlfriend was telling me about something called creative resumés which are completely outside the realm of what you learned in school regarding how to format or create a resumé for any type of job you may be seeking.  Here’s the link if you want to see some examples.

So I took it upon myself to make my own creative resumé.  I obviously didn’t copy any of the ones that I saw, amazing as they looked, but to create one that showed my own creativity and personality.  Preferably, I would’ve done a Batman themed resumé, but this is only my first one I make and it’s pretty much a prototype, or at the very least, not ready to be sent to employers.  But here’s a good idea of what I had in mind.  Using Photoshop Elements 8, this is what I came up with.  Let me know what you guys think.



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