About a week ago, I submitted my first script (“A Thousand Words”) for consideration for a by-invite only seminar sponsored by the Miami Film Festival.  The seminar is being run by Hollywood screenwriter, Gregory Allen Howard who has worked on such films as “Ali” and “Remember The Titans.”  On Tuesday morning I get a random phone call from a woman who was probably Howard’s assistant saying that he was going to call me at 8:00 that night and to be prepared.  After a very slow unnerving afternoon, my phone rang.

Problem…I didn’t have a hard copy of the script with me.  I should have known better and had one ready by the time the call came in.  He had said he would give me until 9:30 to have a hard copy in-hand and he would call back.  I got lucky.  I rushed to Kinkos to print it out and rushed back and waited… then my phone rang again.

Mr. Howard was very pleased and impressed with my work and after a few minor notes, mostly technical, I was invited to the seminar where I have won the right to have my script be part of a table read!!  A table read is when you sit with other writers, directors, producers, etc. and they all play a character of your script and read it aloud just like a play.  I have no idea who else is going to be there and I have no idea what this means for me or for the future of my script, but I am very excited.  I am very nervous.  I am very scared.  I am one step closer to my dream!!

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