Work, Work, Work

I know I haven’t posted anything new in a while but I have good reason.  I now have not one, not two, but THREE JOBS!  And my readers can actually help me out with one of them.  But first let me tell you about the first two.  My main (or full-time) job is at Telemundo as the Executive Assistant to a “very big wig” in the company.  For obvious reasons, I won’t tell you his or her name or title.  What’s crazy though is how I ended up getting the job in the first place.I have a friend whom I recently got back in touch with who works there in a different department.  She had offered to give my resume to HR but certainly made no promises or guarantees that they would call me back anytime soon for any particular job.  I thought nothing of it and continued my usual mindless searching and applying through the labyrinth of despair that is the current job market.  As luck would have it, I got a call about two weeks after giving my friend my resume to go in for an interview.  Despite the fact that I have had very little office experience and zero experience as an assistant of any caliber, they decided to hire me as a two-week temp- which little did I know was actually a trial for the actual job.

My second job is as a proctor for my friend’s Standardized Testing tutoring business.  If you’re in the Miami area and you’re a high school or college student or the parents of one, you should really check it out.  The business is called PrepSmart.  So basically what I do here is play timekeeper and distribute tests which gives me some down time to do my third (and currently non-paying) job.

Recently I had written a post about a script that I had submitted to a screenwriting competition run by the Miami Film Festival.  Well my work was received very well.  So well in fact that the MC, Gregory Allen Howard, said to me that I had a real talent for writing comedy and I should consider trying to write for television.  He sent me a script of an already-produced episode of “Modern Family.”  Yeah, that show that just won a bunch of Emmys.  He wants me to write two “spec scripts” of the show and send them to him where they will be used as a potential job application to either work with Mr. Howard directly or to write for another similar television show!

I also was doing some freelance work for a filmmaker from my old school who reached out to me for help with putting together his thesis project.  This is the part where ALL my readers can help me out.  The director and I are working very hard to produce this script and it will be my first official script ever produced and brought to life by someone besides myself.  Check out the Facebook Page of the film and Like the page and spread the word for the exposure of myself and my incredibly devoted director.  Filming is scheduled to start in a few weeks and when I will be certain to share with you the finished product as soon as I have it.

Thanks for all your support!!

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