A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

Our favorite ethnic burnouts are back in a Holiday adventure fit only for 3D.  There was so much smoke being blown in my face that I swore I was going to get a contact high but no such luck.  A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas takes place as time allotted, a few years after they escape from Guantanamo and now these former best friends are estranged.  After two years without speaking or seeing each other, Harold has moved past the burnout life and waste deep into the corporate world and everything with adulthood including a lovely house in the suburbs and married into a Mexican family.  When Harold’s inlaws and family arrive unannounced wanting nothing more but to have a traditional Christmas tree after seeing a fake one in the house, Harold has to go out and find one on Christmas Eve after the one given to him by his father-in-law burns to ashes after Kumar shows up at his house unannounced with a huge blunt.

Now estranged but determined to get a new tree, these two reunite into one twisted, drug-induced ordeal after another as Harold tries to find the perfect tree in order to impress and win the approval of his wife’s family.  Along the way we are reunited with Neil Patrick Harris who pokes fun at himself for coming out of the closet and claims it to be hoax as he tries to seduce a woman in his Christmas pageant.  The movie is actually filled with references about what each actor has done in real-life since the last movie that not everyone will get; such as Kal Penn (Kumar) working in the White House.  (He actually did work for the Obama administration for a while) and calling Harold (Sulu) he played Sulu in the most recent Star Trek movie.

All in all, I needed a good laugh and this movie gave me dozens.  It’s a great “I just wanna forget all my troubles and laugh” movie that will have you leaving the theater in a great mood and quite possibly with the munchies.


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