Colorblind Test Fail

Do you see a number or symbol or something in the image on the right?  If you can’t, then congratulations you’re colorblind.  Like me!  Despite the fact that there are so many choices to assist people with blindness or partial blindness like corrective lenses, contacts, and even lazer surgery, there still isn’t anything to treat colorblindness.  Let me repeat that: There is NOTHING available out there to help correct colorblindness.  Colorblindness has many different variations, extremes, and even causes.  I honestly don’t even know which kind of colorblind I am.  I know that I have it because of genetics.  Throughout my life I’ve been teased and questioned regarding how I can’t see colors.  A few months ago I was on a bike trail in The Florida Everglades with a friend.  We rode fifteen miles and reached the end of the trail as the sun was about to set.  As you can imagine, the view was breathtaking.  Alas I wasn’t able to see the sunset the way it’s meant to be seen.  My friend had mentioned all these colors that blended out onto the horizon like God mixing paints on a palette as He prepares to turn the sky into night time…  I couldn’t see it the way he was seeing it.  You can see all the different colorblind types and causes here.

Here’s the best way I can describe what being colorblind is like… for me.  I am unable to distinguish shades of colors so a lot of colors look the same to me and I can’t distinguish them.  Blue and purple, same thing; pink and grey, same thing; orange and green, same thing and so on.  Look at a traffic light.  From top to bottom it’s red, yellow, green.  The way I see it, from top to bottom, I see it as orange, green, and white.  Whenever I’m driving late at night and certain intersections have flashing lights, I treat all those like four-way stops and do so not only as a precaution, but because I can’t tell the difference while I’m driving half the time.  


2 thoughts on “Colorblind Test Fail

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