The Sitter

We’ve all done it.  Growing up, one of our first taste of “real responsibility” is babysitting.  Especially if you have a large family filled with younger siblings and cousins like I do, you’re going to be doing a lot of this during your teenage years.  If you really like it, you can study Elementary education or child psychology when you grow up and make a career out of it.  (Of course I’m oversimplifying.)  But none of that is the case in the movie “The Sitter.”  In the movie, we first meet Noah Griffith, (played by Jonah Hill) as a character he’s pretty much been typecast for so far in his career: a twenty-something lovable loser with his heart in the right place.

When his mother asks him to babysit his neighbor’s kids so that all the adults can go to a formal gala, Griffith reluctantly agrees.  The way the children are introduced was a little on the nose and cliché.  First you have a well-dressed, awkward, teenager with self-esteem issues.  Then there’s a pre-teen girl who wants nothing more to be a celebrity and live that life obsessed with makeup and the latest trends.  And then there’s the adopted South American who barely speaks English and can’t seem to stop blowing up toilets.

When Griffith’s supposed girlfriend calls him asking for cocaine and to join him at a party, he reluctantly agrees.  He steals his neighbor’s minivan and takes the kids to multiple stops throughout New York City.  Everything up to this point in the movie was fairly predictable with lackluster jokes… then a few surprises I didn’t see coming including J.B. Smoove and Sam Rockwell as a coke dealer with a gay scrawny bodyguard stuck in the 1980’s and a meth lab prepared by bodybuilders.  The characters of the children are fleshed out and are actually interesting, intriguing, and original in their own rite.  Along the way, Griffith also conveniently runs into old classmates that help move the story.

The Sitter is a better movie than I thought it would be.  Very entertaining with an AMAZING soundtrack that everyone will recognize including Method Man, Slick Rick, The 2 Live Crew, and The Sugarhill Gang.  If you like Jonah Hill especially, hire a sitter (because it’s not for kids) and watch The Sitter.

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