More Voices and Impersonations

I’m sorry this took so long but here is the second video of some of my other impersonations and voices.  Comment away.

Here’s the first video in case you haven’t seen it or don’t remember.  Note: Ignore the old web address and logo mentioned in the first video; it no longer exists.  Thanks!!


2 thoughts on “More Voices and Impersonations

  1. Best: Austrailian, Mickey, El Fauno

    Simpson characters have the best tonation of all the voices but the hispanic ascent comes through still in parts.

    Would like to hear/see: Captain Picard, Don LaFontaine, Morgen Freeman, Cartman, Connery <– these all might be too boring or difficult and that's okay with me, no pressure to furfill. Just throwing out some suggestions for the future, take it or leave it

    Nice work!

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