Hace mucho tiempo que no os cuento de una película español, pues aquí la tenéis.  My probable butchering of the Castilian language aside, I had been recommended this movie from Spain, “Primos” sometime early last year and haven’t been able to get to it and see it until recently.  One of the best things about having my cousin Vicente come visit from Spain is that he always brings an external hard drive filled to capacity with movies, television series, and games from his home country and/or dubbed in Castilian.  This story is my best attempt at a segway into telling you about the movie “Primos” which, in case you didn’t know, is the spanish word for “cousins.”      This movie starts off in the heart of the action, or more specifically, in the heart of the hilarity.  As Diego addresses the people in the church on his wedding day explaining to the guests in great detail why and how his fiancé decided to call off the wedding at the last minute and leave him at the alter.  Understandably distraught and speechless, he is left alone in the church with only his two cousins Julián and José Miguel who try to get Diego to look at the bright side and to move forward with his life.  After reminiscing about their summer vacations in their home town, Diego, now drunk and disoriented, proclaims that they must all return to their hometown to look for “the girl that got away,” his former girlfriend, Martina.

This absolutely hilarious movie is, to me, “The Hangover” of Spain.  You have the smart ass character, the nervous character who suffers from horrible anxiety and doesn’t realize how hilarious he is, and a supporting cast that brings this heartwarming and funny tale to life.  Find it, look it up, and watch”Primos.”


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