Super Lin-Tendo: The Emergence of Jeremy Lin

So let me start out with something so cliché, it’s almost stereotyping. (but that is certainly not my intent) There once was an Asian-American kid out of Palo Alto, CA named Jeremy.  He grows up, studies really hard and goes to Harvard where he majors in Economics.  You with me so far?  Good.  Now let’s say that Jeremy enjoys playing basketball.  Still entirely normal, right?  What American kid these days (regardless of ethnicity) doesn’t enjoy basketball?  He enjoys it so much that he dreams of playing one day in the NBA.  Now you might be thinking, “Wait, what?  Well that’s all fine and dandy but it’ll never happen.  I mean, he’s Asian and if you haven’t mentioned by now that he’s nearly eight-feet tall like Yao Ming, then who cares?”  Hold that thought.  Now what if I were to tell you that Jeremy played basketball in High School and his team won the state championship– where he was the starting point guard?  Despite this, no college picks him up or offers him any kind of athletic scholarship.  So like I had mentioned he walks on to Harvard where he walked on to the basketball team and averages 30 points a game.  Now at this point, the biggest of skeptics would still say, “But it’s Harvard.  Ivey League.  It’s not like there’s any real decent competition there.  He’d get eaten alive in Division 1.  He should quit while he’s ahead.”  You clearly are underestimating him, my friend.  But don’t feel too bad because SO DID EVERYONE ELSE!!  He was overlooked and dismissed by every so-called “professional” scout.  Was he overlooked because of his race?  Maybe.  A different topic for a different day.  But in the last two weeks, Jeremy Lin has become the biggest story in sports.  A Cinderella story about a kid who did make it to the NBA (undrafted) but had been cut already by 3 previous teams (Warriors, Mavericks, and Rockets) and been bounced back and forth between the league and the Development league so many times, he wasn’t sure if and when he’d be able to pay bills.  So much so that as a bench warmer on his fourth and current team, The New York Knicks, he was living on his brother’s couch.

With the NY Knicks cut down with injury, a less than respectable record, and their coach’s job hanging by a thread, almost in desperation Lin comes off the bench on February 4 and put to play against the NJ Nets.  He scores 25 points.  A fluke perhaps?  The next game he’s put to start against  the Jazz, he scores 28 on 10-17 shooting and gets 8 assists.  Now even the biggest skeptic and hater who follows the NBA will say, “Those teams suck.  Give him a real challenge.”  How about the Los Angeles Lakers where Lin goes for a career-high 38 points!

On top of that, his name is being used for the craziest and idiotic puns and nicknames you’ll ever here.  “All he does is Lin.”  “Lin-sanity.”  “Super Lin-Tendo.”  (For obvious reasons, I love that one.)  And the list goes on and on.  From being completely unknown a few weeks ago to now being the most talked-about athlete on the planet right now, that’s gotta be hard to deal with.

This is now the most talked-about and beloved story in sports and is taking every other medium by storm.  Even Kim Khardasian’s representatives with their “infinite…” I’m sorry I was going to say “infinite wisdom” but I’m not going to lie to my readers… it’s not ethical.  Well Khardasian’s representatives with their “uncontrollable necessity to exploit and put her on display like a show dog because that’s the way she likes it” are even trying to set her up with a date with the infinitely humble Mr. Lin.  Come on, he’s a Harvard grad, here’s how a conversation between the two of them would play out:

Jeremy- “It’s very nice to meet you, Kim.”

Kim- “OMG you speak English?”  She looks at a translator she hired for the night.  “Why are you still standing there?  Go get me a bottle of something.”

Jeremy- (Looking around the restaurant) “This is all very extravagant, you didn’t have to go through all this trouble.”

Kim- “It’s no trouble.  My family owns the restaurant and the souls of 90% of the employees because I’m able to make millions by exploiting my beauty and sex tapes I’ve made with other professional athletes.”

The End

Check back later in the season because now the Knicks are relevant again.

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