Super Mario Bros.

What we wanna do right now is go back… WAY back.  See that image to your right?  This is what started it all for me.  A simple concept that makes absolutely no sense when applied to the real world, but that’s part of the beauty of it.  The first of what now seems to have been countless sequels, hybrids, and concept games where the Mario was the main character.  (Donkey Kong notwithstanding.)  I don’t even think that as I sit here writing this review that I can actually “review” it.  I think this post will be more of a nostalgic escape for me than a critical assessment.  My mind will just enter a world warp from here on out.  Super Mario Bros the game first arrived in 1985, but he didn’t make it to my Living Room till about 1989.  I still remember the day I opened the-what seemed to be- giant Nintendo Entertainment System box with extra duty styrofoam.  It almost looked like a small oven.  The game itself looked like a thick piece of dry wall and came in a black plastic sleeve with an instruction manual that now I can’t remember how long it actually lasted without getting thrown out or eaten by the dog.  The controllers were perfectly rectangular with an over-simplified two-button design and directional pad.

Nintendo games are hard to come by these days.  A lot of people have thrown them away, or donated them, and some keep them stored away for a rainy day.  On those rainy days you do that ritual where you have to blow with all your might to get the dust out of the system and game cartridge and pray that it’ll still work.  Today, according to eBay, a mint condition Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo in it’s original packaging will cost you well over one thousand dollars!  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself here.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of these Italian plumbers from Brooklyn (Mario Mario and Luigi Mario) who gets sucked into this fantasy world where flying turtles, a dragon, and multiple bottomless pits are what stand in your way from rescuing the princess.  Where flowers let you shoot fire out of your hands, and you could ride pipes to alternate worlds.  Undoubtedly to me, but arguably to others, this game… THIS GAME is what started it all.  It pushed our imaginations, consumed all our allowance money, and worried our parents  because we would never “go outside and get some exercise” and has helped the video game industry today explode into what it has become.

I knew this would be more of a reminisce than a review… but in case you were wondering… uh, yeah this game is AWESOME!!

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