The Five-Year Engagement

Take a minute and think about how many people you know that are engaged.  Well, if you’re in your late 20’s like me, you probably know quite a few.  Now of those people, who’s been engaged the longest?  Is that justified?  “The Five-Year Engagement” is the story of Tom and Violet; two young professionals who truly are made for each other.  Shortly after Tom proposes, Violet is offerred a dream job across the country for a two-year contract.  Almost without hesitation, Tom supports and encourages her to seize the job opportunity, quits his own job, and moves with her from San Francisco to Michigan.  Taking it all in stride for far too long, Tom grows increasingly impatient, angry, and ends up changing his way of life.  After the two-year contract turns into a five-year delay on the planning of the wedding, things for Tom and Violet just get from bad to worse.

The movie stars and was co-written by Jason Segel and co-stars quite a variety of characters that give the film a healthy balance of both sides of the conflicting coin.  A truly adorable date movie with great dialogue, hilarious jokes, and just a pinch of raunchy humor that even the most uptight person could tolerate and overlook.  One of my favorites was when Tom and Violet are visited by her sister, Suzie, and his best friend, Alex.  While sitting to a home-cooked meal, Tom offers them some home-made mead in a furry cup that looks like a bear claw with a handle when Alex declares, “I feel like I’m drinking out of Chewbacca’s penis.”  “The Five Year Engagement” is certainly far from a story-telling or a cinematic masterpiece, but it’s certainly good enough to comfortably sit through without wanting the engagement to be cut short.

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