Ready Player One (The Movie?!) Who Should Be The Ultimate Gunter?

readyplayeroneA few months back, I wrote a review and discussed this amazing book Ready Player One.  Needless to say, the book is amazing!  I am actually in the process of re-reading the book and plan to write an additional more extensive review in the near future.  Just to give you an idea, the first time I read the book, I felt such a connection with the story’s hero Wade Watts, that I felt like the book was tailor-written for me.
The second time around, I feel it even more so.  But now I want to talk about the inevitable movie adaptation that is in negotiations.  Sure enough theories, rumors, and superfans are already voicing loudly about who should be cast to bring to life the characters of the semi-post-apocalyptic world set in the OASIS (and Oklahoma.)  Here’s what we know for sure so far:Warner Bros. bought the rights to the book about two years ago.  Ernest Cline (the book’s original author) is in talks to write the script of the film.  Yesterday, an article released by word&film began their speculations and hopes.

Here is the list of my ultimate cast for the movie Ready Player One:

Wade Watts (Parzival): Ideally I think Riley Griffiths (the “director”) from Super 8 would be perfect, but I fear he may be too young.  A good replacement would be Keir Gilchrist.

epageArt3mis: I can see Ellen Page pulling this off especially if she channels the personality she developed for her character in Juno and mix it with geek knowledge.

Aech: Parzival’s best friend would be wonderfully played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse (AKA “McLovin.”)  I would NOT want Michael Cera to play any roll because he’s played the same character in all of his movie and I’m annoyed with it already.


zackJames Halliday/Anorak (mastermind of the OASIS): Slap some old man makeup on him (when applicable in the story) and cast Zach Galifianakis immediately!


Ogden Morrow (Halliday’s business partner and co-creator of the OASIS): Jeff Bridges would be perfect for this roll.

I also believe that the movie itself should contain its own Easter eggs with cameos by Ernest Cline himself and Wil Wheaton.  These would be the ideal actors to play the main cast of the story.  Please, give me your suggestions and arguments.  Agree or disagree with my casting?  Let me know about it.


35 thoughts on “Ready Player One (The Movie?!) Who Should Be The Ultimate Gunter?

  1. Aech is a guy. He’s Parzival’s friend throughout the story. The girl is Art3mis. In the book she (her avatar) is described as having freckles and reddish hair.

    • Directors take creative liberties on book adaptations and change sexes of characters all the time. The fact that Aech is a male in OASIS, one can argue that he could be a man in the real world. Since Art3mis is Parzival’s love interest, unless you completely change the story and turn Aech into a romantic rival, it wouldn’t make much sense.

      If Aech were cast as a woman, who would you cast?

  2. The whole time I was reading I pictured Emile Hirsch as Wade. I think he’d be perfect. For some reason I kept picturing Wilmer Valderrama (That 70s Show) as Aech until the real Aech showed up in the book and talked about discrimination. So maybe Virtual Aech is not brown? And I truly do hope they do a V-Aech/RL-Aech casting. And AMber Riley from Glee would be good as Aech. Can’t think of Art3mis at all since I really disliked her character.

  3. I can see Emile Hirsch as Wade, but I can’t see Wilmer Valderrama at all as Aech (even the OASIS one.) What did you think of my choices for James Halliday/Anorak and Ogden Morrow? Who do you think would be a good Nolan Sorrento of IOI? I know I didn’t mention it in my initial post, but for some reason I’m thinking Javier Bardem or John Stamos.

  4. I can only see Zachary Levi from Chuck as Aech.
    And Brian Firenzi from 5second films should play Sorrento. For some reason i find him perfect as Sorrento.(he also played THE LAW in the VGHS online series)

    • When I was reading you comment and I saw “Chuck”, I remember that chat dialogue between Art3mis and Parzival, wich he says something lika he “doesn’t wanna think that he falls for a hairy fat guy called Chuck, who lives in Detroit on mother’s basement” ..


  5. I’m about half-way through the book so far, and I’m pretty psyched about it. Although thanks for the spoilers (Aech is a woman???), I’m really enjoying it so far.
    Okay, enough small talk. Wade Wilso… I mean, Wade Watts: I think Drake Bell (Nick’s Drake and Josh, Ultimate Spider-man), would be killer in this role. Granted, he’s a lot older than the main character, but if 29 year old Andrew Garfield can play 18 year old Peter Parker, there should be no problems. Of course, a newcomer (or relative unknown), would be fine too.
    Art3mis: I have three women in mind. The obvious choice is Emma Stone. A close second would be Mary Elizabeth Winstead. My third choice would be either Chloe Moretz Grace (who will at least be NEAR the right age when everything comes together for the movie), or any one of the many great female actresses from the Nickelodeon show Victorious. Of course, I haven’t finished the book, so I don’t know if Wade even meets her IRL, let alone if she looks the same as her avatar or different.
    Aech: I haven’t put much thought to Aech, although mentioning Victorious makes me think that he could be played by Leon Thomas III or Avan Jogia… well, the male counterpart at least… IDK as to who could play the female side. I’m sure there’s plenty of young actresses who’d fit the bill though.
    James Halliday/Anorak and Ogden Morrow/OG: I feel like these two should be played by younger men so they can be properly portrayed as both young and older men. Although I feel the initial blogger’s choices for both characters were inspired, I feel like Jay Baruchel for Halliday and Zach Galifinakis for Morrow fits better. OF course, it’d be just as simply to hire Simon Pegg and Nick Frost for Halliday and Morrow, respectively.
    Sorrento: That one was easy… Put a prosthetic nose on the man, and Daniel Craig is perfect for the role. Right build, and terrifying in the right role. Plus, the geek culture would embrace Bond as a bad guy again.
    OK, that’s my input. What say the rest of you? Also, the bit about putting Wheaton in (he’s mentioned in the book, that’s not hard) and the writer (put him in a flashback scene, done), is brilliant and I support it wholeheartedly.

  6. Hello. Almost done with this book- thought I’d throw out casting ideas since I’m curious what other people think. Have to say I disagree with a lot of options put out so far- particularly Art3mis. I imagined Mae Whitman right from the start (she’s on Parenthood, she was Anne on Arrested Development, she played Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s ex-girlfriend in Scott Pilgrim and nerd note: she played the voice of Katara in Airbender). She would be PERFECT. Mintz-Plazz as Aech’s avatar??? He’s supposed to be handsome! No offense to McLovin. Hey, maybe Armie Hammer. I could see that. I just now read the part where Parzival meets Aech IRl, by the way, and I almost starting balling. Dude, Aech IRL has got to be Gabby Sidebe, that would be awesome. And Parzival…I couldn’t imagine anyone specific as I was reading other than a young Wil Wheaton 😛 but obviously that’s impossible. And Halliday and Og -well, my brain just kept picturing Steve Jobs and Wozniak (derp) and then Paul Giamatti as Og. I would definitely say Paul Giamatti as Og. So for Parzival… maybe that guy from Kickass? Aaron Johnson. Although he might be too cute for an IRL Parzival. It’d be nice if it somebody average looking.

    • Paul Giamatti never occurred to me. That would be a great casting! Did you know Mae Whitman also played the President’s Daughter in Independence Day? 😉 I like your casting suggestions. Let me know when you finish the book and what you thought of it.

    • Mae Whitman is IMO the best suggestion on here.

      One thing I don’t want to see is a bunch of insanely attractive people play these roles if in fact the movie is made. Mae is obviously attractive BUT still would fit the role(Art3mis cant be some skinny little girl) since I believe she was something like 168 lbs in the book.

      Riley Griffiths is basically what I pictured as Wade if he was a bit fatter(pre workingout everyday) a ton more acne and far more awkward both personality and looks. Wonder what he looks like with no hair on his head and waxed eyebrows lol. Really I don’t think any actor will fit what I truly pictured Wade as but I do feel as if Riley would be a solid option as far as looks.

      As far as Aech, You absolutely have to do a male version and female version IMO. I would be massively disappointed otherwise.

      Jeff Bridges works for me.

      I am completely thrown off by Galifianakis lol. IDK what in the world made you think of him.

  7. Parzival – Clark Duke from Hot Tub Time Machine. Almost the spitting image of who i was picturing during the book.
    Art3mis – Mae Whitman for sure. Otherwise Ellen Page.
    Aech – V: Alex Pettyfer (I am Number Four), IRL: Amber Riley (Glee)
    Halliday – Matthew Broderick, to me this seems logical as he is referenced so many times throughout the book and would be able to fill the role, slap on a bit of make-up and wrinkles and could look pretty old mage-ish.
    Morrow – Jeff Bridges, the CGI in Tron made him look younger and was pretty accurate.
    Nolan – I pictured Tom Hiddleston throughout the book. Loki from Thor…plays the villain extremely well.
    Shoto – I was kind of picturing Harold from Harold & Kumar…kind of funny but he plays the serious roles so well!


    • Excellent suggestions! I honestly do prefer Riley Griffiths as Wade, and Mae Whitman as Art3mis rather than Ellen Page. The only point I disagree is about Mathew Broderick. I imagine Haliday as an old-growned geek (try to imagine J.J. Abrams, with his nerd glasses .. something like that). Unfortunatly, i can’t remeber a name to suggest for Haliday .. I’ll think about it.

      I was wondering about Gavin Rossdale (Balthazar from “Constantine) for Nolan Sorrento. What you think?

    • I can see Mae Whitman playing Art3mis.
      I think Amber Riley as Aech IRL is a bit of a stretch… meaning she would be cast based on her popularity instead of her being able to play the role. She’s an extremely talented singer, but there’s no need for Aech to sing (either IRL or in-game.)
      I still believe that Zach Galifianakis would be the perfect roll for Halliday. Better than Broderick. Maybe if Bridges doesn’t sign on, he could play Morrow.
      Jon Cho (Harold from “Harold and Kumar”) would be a good Shoto but is probably a little too old for the role.
      Hiddelston would make a great Nolan. Great suggestion on that one!

  8. My ultimate cast. I promisse (ehehe):

    WADE – Riley Griffiths
    ART3MIS – Mae Whitman
    AECH – Alex Pettyfer / Gabourey Sidibe
    MORROW – Jeff Bridges
    SORRENTO – Guy Pearce
    HALIDAY – Alan Ruck

    What do ya think?

  9. Honestly, by the time Warner Bros. has gotten the rights to everything and has written the script, and they’re finally ready for casting, most of these actors/actresses would be too old. A lot of the people you guys are suggesting for the leads are early-mid twenties. It might take 5-10 years to get all the rights, and to get the CGI and basic movie stuff ready. The movie Avatar took 10 years to produce and thats without all the rights. I think that by the time the movie is cast, a whole new slew of new actors to play the late teens-early twenties characters in Ready Player One.

  10. For Og, I hear a lot of Jeff Bridges. Not opposed to that at all. But I would LOVE to see some of the actors from the movies mentioned be involved as characters or cameos. Mathew Broderick would be a cool pick for Sorrento, although not sure you could do that if they have any clips of his films mentioned. Would also love to see Rutger Hauer cast in there somewhere. Maybe Molly Ringwald as the “indent” counselor or the lady who stops Wade on the “breakout”. Or how about Michael Anthony Hall or John Cusack as the indent team suit. Joanna Kerns (the mom from Growing Pains) as the nice old lady who lived in the trailer below (character name escapes me). Ally Sheedy as his aunt and Emilo Estevez as her boyfriend (THAT would be classic).

    • That would be epic. Great suggestions. Now that Spielberg is taking the reigns on this and it’s being done at Universal, I can only imagine the resources (and film rights) he will have to play with this as nostalgia-premised as possible. The sky is the limit in that regard.

  11. I 100% agree with Jeff Bridges playing Og! He was perfect in TRON: Legacy. For Wade Watts I think Grant Gustin (The Flash TV series) would be perfect, for Art3mis I think Alexandra Daddario could pull it off (brunette with killer blue eyes), Aech/Hellen should be Stephen Amell/Zoe Kravitz, Daito should be Steven Yeun and Shoto should be Ki Hong Lee. Halliday young/old should be played by Topher Grace/Ralph Fiennes, Sorrento would be well portrayed by James Caviezel. I chose Stephen Amell because I could definitely see him dueling it out over vidchat with Wade in a PvP zone with explosions and gunfire in the background but acting nonchalantly. Grant Gustin pulls off the nerd role for Wade, and James Caviezel will make an excellent villain, he has a very menacing look to him but he is very calm and collected.

  12. Remember that Wade was overweight and art3mis was “fuller formed”. I know when adapting a book to film you can make some changes, but there are plenty of Actors that fit the bill. But when reading the book these are the actors i saw playing the characters.

    Wade: Clark Duke – Don’t know if he would be good for the role, but you could make him look fatter or thinner depending on Wades current weight in the story.

    Art3mis: [insert emo girl intagram photo]. I never saw a particular person playing Art3mis, but after the description given from her blog I just saw her as an anonymous emo girl. However if she either put on weight or was well padded I would suggest Emma Stone for the role. She has the right kinda of sarcastic nature and aggression for the part.

    Aech (avatar): I saw Matthew Lewis (A.K.A Nevile Longbottom) as Aech. He has a chiselled jaw and giant grin so when ever Aech’s cheshire grin was mentioned he came to mind. Longer hair may be needed but thats in no way an issue. I cannot see Christopher Mintz-Plasse in this role, however when I read the book I did see him as I-ROK.

    Aech (IRL): I saw Amber Riley in this role and from what i have seen online I’m not the only one. I don’t feel this one needs any explaining.

    Ogden Morrow: I cant argue with Jeff Bridges for this role, so I wont bother explaining this choice.

    James Donovan Halliday: Jeff Goldblum. Again I don’t know why I saw him so i cant defend this choice, but it just felt right to me. If he were older I would cast Jessie Eisenberg as he has proven time and time again that he can own the socially awkward nerd.

  13. Great suggestions, Vilean. I especially like Clark Duke for Wade. I wrote in a more recent post about a rumor I had read that Spielberg was in the works of trying to get Gene Wilder out of retirement to play James Halliday. I don’t know how old you are, but Wilder played the original Willy Wonka in the early 70s (about 10 years before my time) but it’s a classic film you should definitely check out.

    I digress…

    Nevertheless, Jeff Goldblum is certainly an interesting choice. I don’t know if he’d be able to pull off the awkward socially inept loser, though, because he’s so smooth with every previous role I’ve ever seen him in.

  14. How amazing would it be if Wil Wheaton were to be cast as the cookie-cutter male avatar for the sixers…hundreds of Wheatons everywhere. Even better would be a Lich-King Wil Wheaton in full regalia!

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