Hitman: Absolution Trailer — WTF!?!?

E3 starts on Monday and I, like all video game nerds, am so excited to see what’s new and going-to-be-improved in the world of gaming and console development.  Without question the biggest and most anticipated moments of E3 is when developers, marketing execs, and even the game producers themselves showcase their newest product (specifically a game.)  Obviously a majority of these games being showcased are targeted to the young-adult and adult male audience (gamer.)  A majority of these games have a high level of violence and offensive material within the main basis of the game.  With games looking more and more realistic these days, it’s easy to sometimes get lost with the realism of it.  “It’s only a game” is the broken record response that ping-pongs between all parties in support of video games that is just an updated slogan that my mother would say to me everytime I was too scared to sleep after watching a scary movie: “It’s only a movie.”

But every so often-fewer and further between nowadays-games do get negative reactions and responses for being TOO violent, TOO offensive, and TOO disturbing.  Such is the case for the new trailor released on the game Hitman: Absolution.  In a world that is very paranoid (and justifyably so at times) regarding certain forms of media “inspiring” for-lack of a better word-violent behavior and/or a false representation of the real world and I believe that the fact that the game looks so real is a potential problem for those gamers who may not be emotionally mature enough to play these games or even differentiate reality from fantasy.  The ESRB works just like a rating system for movies.  EC (Early Childhood), K-10 (Kids-Age 10), T (Teen), M (Mature), and AO (Adults Only) are the ratings breakdown.  The Hitman series have always received an “M” rating but based on this trailer alone, I would argue an “AO” rating which rarely happens for games released in the American market.  Several years ago when I was doing my Undergraduate work, I did an extensive study about violent video games and it’s psychological effect on gamers.  I swear that the cover I used for the binder was the cover art from Hitman 2.  You can read it here.  Killer Games

So here’s the video of the trailer that’s causing me to cringe just a little too much for all the wrong reasons.  I’m curious to see if this is the promo video they’ll show for the game at E3, if the video will be changed, or even if the game will delay its release for programming tweaks.  I doubt that latter.  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Hitman: Absolution Trailer — WTF!?!?

  1. Not sure what’s super offensive about this – objectifying women? Yes. Blasphemy? Yes, but who gives a shit unless you really do believe in religion. Violent? Yes. I can’t say these things are new to gaming or even movies, so I repeat again, offensive yes, but what is REALLY SUPER BAD about it?

    • I guess since I grew up Catholic I find it particularly offensive. It hits closer to home for me personally. You’re right in saying that it is everything else, “objectifying women”, “violent”, etc. If you look at other games though, (especially FPS) they never refer to the terrorists as “Muslims.”

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