Dark Knight Tragedy

In the midst of what is supposed to be one of the most exciting nights of movie premiere history, a horrible and unspeakable crime is committed.  A 24 year-old neuroscience Ph.D candidate named James Eagan Holmes dressed himself in riot gear from head to toe including a gas mask and armed himself with several firearms.  He stormed into the a movie theater shortly after midnight by breaking in through the emergency exit and opened fire.  As of now, 12 people have been killed and 59 are wounded.  Among the people in the theater were members of the military as well as moviegoers of all ages.  “The Dark Knight Rises” is supposed to be   a film that is supposed to conclude the Batman masterpieces that Christopher Nolan has given us in the last few years.  I know I generally don’t write about things in the headlines, but this just cannot be ignored and overlooked.  My heart and prayers go out to the citizens of Aurora, Colorado.  Just 14 short years after the Columbine High School tragedy, Colorado has endured a lot… too much.  Frankly, one event like this is too many but sadly, they just keep happeneing.  In case you want to watch phone video shot by witnesses just after the shooting, you can here.   

His apartment now is being investigated very carefully because apparently it is “booby-trapped” with explosives, trip wires, and possibly hazerdous material…


I’m still planning to go see the movie tonight with my girlfriend and aunts.  I wouldn’t be surprised (and expect) there to be increased security, force people in costume to remove any masks or makeup before being allowed into the theater… but I’ll admit, I’m a little scared.  Usually I avoid going to movie theatres because of the cost of movie tickets these days or because some people just don’t know how to keep quiet or not talk on their phones.  NEVER in my life have I ever imagined something like this as being a reason why I would avoid going to a movie theater. 

I will update you all on this story as it develops.  So sad…


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