My First Old Man Rant (At 29)

How many of you have had your parents or grandparents that started a story with, “Back in my day…”?  Chances are nearly all of you have.  I, of course, am also one one them.  What are the things they mainly complain about?  Everything is so damn expensive, advances in technology, personal privacy being invaded for one reason or another, political strife, etc.  You get the point.  Now I’m not a parent yet.  Nor do I claim to have some sort of “infinite wisdom” like people much older than me claim to (and for all intended purposes) do have.  What I am is observant along with a wicked memory.

Times are changing faster than we can keep up with them.  (That sounded like an “old man” thing to say already…)Technology advances such as social media is taking the place of quality journalism.  The Internet has done away with printed newspapers in a way that no one truly saw coming.  Kids don’t play outside anymore… and why would they?

Either the sun will give them cancer or the neighborhood pedophile will kidnap them or worse.  Obviously both are rarely the case and I don’t wish either on anyone.  The point is that the new generation has grown terrified to live their life and raise their kids the way I was raised.  And you know something?  I don’t blame them because of all the “new dangers” out there that we have become aware of as a society.

But what I really wanted to rant about was kids in school today.  My girlfriend is a teacher–and a very good one.  She works hard and stays up long hours (and sometimes even omits sleeping entirely) to meet deadlines, create lesson plans, enter grades, and other duties.  Recently, I’ve been helping her grade papers that had to be handwritten by her students.  When I first saw them, I cringed…

Because of things like text messaging and computers (and yes I understand the irony here) kids have forgotten how to write legibly or even spell basic words properly.  That sucks!  Okay… yes… maybe I get a little overdramatic with this because I was an English Major in college and got a Masters in Screenwriting so things like grammar and spelling are my bread and butter.  But even if you go into a profession that has nothing to do with writing–like architecture (I’m guessing)– if you can’t even spell the name of what you’re building correctly, how can anyone take you seriously?

For the record, I’m not saying that anyone of my girlfriend’s students are stupid.  That’s not the point I’m trying to make.  In fact, when I can cipher through their handwriting, it’s really insightful and witty stuff.  All I’m saying is that I find it so sad that kids are quickly losing their ability to express themselves in one of the ways that can be remembered forever.

None of my posts are complete without me referring to something nerd-related, so enjoy the pictures below:


4 thoughts on “My First Old Man Rant (At 29)

  1. I once tutored, so I know exactly what your girlfriend has to see on a day-to-day basis, and I’m sure she has some horror stories of her own.

    While tutoring and teaching home school I had about 60 students, and of those 60 I’d say 20 had passable handwriting, and only one of those 20 had what we would consider good penmanship (you know it’s bad that I can remember her name too, I barely remember my students).

    It’s sad, but it’s due to laziness. In a way I understand why penmanship is decreasing but at the same time, these teachers and parents (oh, I’ll get to them in a minute) do know that sometimes you need to write something on a piece of paper using a pen, marker, or whatever is available. I don’t understand why they don’t act that way.

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