Seven Psychopaths

seven psychopathsHere’s how to write a good movie script: write a story full of twist and turns with psychopathic characters, have those characters identify those twists and turns before and while they’re happening, and still be thrown out of the loop.  Seven Psychopaths is the story of a struggling, alcoholic screenwriter named Marty (Farrell) trying to write a screenplay called “Seven Psychopaths.”  There’s an old saying that suggests that you should write what you know.  There’s another old saying that art imitates life.  Well… that’s EXACTLY what Marty does and goes through.   shih tzu stolenNot that I would endorse such a thing, but the following is a great con you can try to pick up beautiful women.  Find them walking their dogs in the park or lavish neighborhoods, unsuspectingly kidnap their dog, wait for owners to post up REWARD posters, return the dog, and collect the reward.  But you gotta be careful because it just so happens that one of the dogs you kidnap could actually belong to a murdering psychopath who has an extremely unhealthy attachment to his Shih Tzu.  That’s exactly how this whole mess starts.

Hans (Walken) looks like your average harmless, loony old man at first.  He has a pretty credible con going; and for a good cause.  He kidnaps dogs and then collects the reward money to help pay for his wife’s Cancer treatment.  But then-like I said- he kidnapped the wrong dog.

Meanwhile there’s a serial killer running around who’s killing serial killers, Marty’s friend Billy (Rockwell) places an ad in the paper asking for psychopaths to come forward to meet with Marty to help him get ideas for his screenplay, and everyone has something to contribute over what should happen in Marty’s screenplay.

I’m not able to put together a complete thought right now but that’s okay because that’s how this movie works.  You’re pulled in so many different directions you’re not even sure what to make of what’s going on.  It’s truly unlike anything I’ve seen.  One minute it sort of breaks the 4th wall and the next minute it goes into a flashback that sort of breaks the fourth wall.

The first 15 minutes are hard to get through and unexpected but tough it out because with a cast that includes Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson, and Tom Waits, you can’t possibly go wrong.

Speaking of Tom Waits: on a random note, this is what I think inspired the late Heath Ledger when he played the role of his life.

Tom Waits IS Heath Ledger’s Joker


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