It All Started With A Mouse… It Continues On With… A Jedi?

Less than 3 and a 1/2 short years ago, Disney bought out the soul of Marvel Comics.  Since then, my demographic (the geek/nerd/comic book/movie fans) have received an almost twice yearly healthy dose of seeing those characters on the big screen.  Most have been well-done in my opinion and a select few (DAREDEVIL, ahem) failed to capitalize on tremendous potential.

“It all started with a mouse.”  These are the words loosely stated by Walt Disney when people began to see one of the first business empires of the world.  Now that mouse is joining another empire…Mickey Mouse Death StarDisney has double-downed on my demographic by   purchasing LucasFilm; the production company that gave us timeless nerdgasms franchises such as Indiana Jones and Star Wars for about the same price as the Marvel buy out ($4.05 BILLION.)  It’s already been confirmed that there will be an “Episode 7” released in 2015 but there’s only speculation as to what the plot will be.

Another trilogy?  Animated or Live-Action?  (Please be animated… Could you imagine a Pixar-syled Star Wars?)  Actually– scratch that– if you’re going to animate it, make it in the style of the Clone Wars on Cartoon Network.  Which if you haven’t seen that show, after reading my post, go immediately to Cartoon Network or watch a preview here.  It’s amazing!

Is it also likely that original Lucas films are on the way to be remade for a new generation?  A new Indiana Jones?  Is Disney slowly building a monopoly by buying everything billionaire old men create?  Does this mean Disney will buy out Playboy next?  That would be weird…

Like I mentioned when I wrote my post when Disney bought Marvel , there isn’t much context I can give from a business perspective.  All I know-like before-is that I recognize common sense when I see it.

George Lucas had complete and total control of Star Wars yesterday, today he doesn’t… and he’ll still get paid probably more in royalties letting Disney take the reigns from here on out.  The only thing Disney has to do now is think of the number that comes after “Trillion.”  With park expansion, movies, and the sheer name alone, a Galaxy Far Far Away is only the beginning.


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