Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel: Avengers AllianceAs if I or anyone else for that matter needed a reason to stay on Facebook longer than however long it takes to like some photos and update your status.  Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a Facebook exclusive that revolves around the Marvel universe.  This is the very first game on Facebook I’ve ever played and I sometimes find myself playing it instead of my 360 when I’m at home.  It’s a turn-based RPG that has remnants of Final Fantasy and any other masterfully designed and multi-layered turn-based RPG.  The first thing you do is create your character which works just like any other adventure game these days.  You decide your character’s sex, have a handful of face templates to chose from, and a skin tone.  Next thing to do is meet the heroes who will be fighting alongside with you.  Your first ally is Iron Man.  After that if you’ve played any other turn-based RPG you know what comes next.  There are several different forms of currency in the game that is used to train your character to level up when he has to, recruit new allies, buy and update stronger weapons, and HP/Stamina/Accuracy upgrades called ISO crystals.

You can also team up with your Facebook friends by adding them as allies who then hook you up with upgrades, currency, and distress calls which are used when your in a pinch in battle and in need of heavy assistance daily.  The more allies you have, the more upgrades you can get.  And if you’re too antisocial to have friends or the friends you have are too cool to help you out, you can also buy them using real money at any time.

There are more heroes to recruit than the entire cast of The Avengers, Spiderman, X-Men and any other Marvel franchise you can think of combined.  The updates and upgrades are constant ensuring that you will keep coming back to do battle with the next great super villain.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a superb game you can play for FREE on Facebook that provides endless hours of entertainment to any comic book and/or RPG fan.  Now if only I could recruit Stan Lee…Marvel: Avengers Alliance


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