Presenting Filmmaking to High Schoolers

Showing the powerpoint presentation to the cinematography students

Showing the powerpoint presentation to the cinematography students

On Tuesday I had an opportunity to share my passion of movies to a very large and specific group of young people.  I presented a huge PowerPoint, videos, and a mock table read of one of my shorts Lapse to several Cinematography and Film classes at a local high school.  I was very much looking forward to this day and the preparation for this went through quite a process.  Despite all my planning, the day was not without its hiccups.

The second class I saw in the morning started out kinda disastrous because for some reason the USB wouldn’t fit into the teacher’s computer.  I later figured out it was because my customized Batman USB drive came apart at the wrong end which is why it wouldn’t fit.  Thankfully I had backed it up and after a slight delay I was able to get back on track.  The PowerPoint presentation covered some of the specific jobs in the film industry (i.e. screenwriter, producer, director, makeup artist, fight choreographer, photographer, voice-over actor etc.) and how their roles work at any stage of your profession or establishment.  Each slide included a picture of an Academy Award winning filmmaker in their discipline with the film for which they won the award.  I also explained the pros & cons of each specialty and shared samples of some of my own work in those disciplines.

A RARE sneak peak at one of my scripts.

A RARE sneak peak at one of my scripts.

The other fun fact was that the presentation I gave was at the school where my girlfriend teaches.  I actually presented to most of her classes and it was my first time seeing her in her element in “teacher mode.”  During one of her photography classes (which I didn’t present to) I sat at her desk trying not to draw too much attention to myself but most of her kids were doing that for me constantly staring at me and whispering amongst one-another trying to figure out who I was.

In all honesty, I think they all enjoyed it.  I later found out that some of the female students were looking at me all googily-eyed, especially in one class where I translated the title and premise of a Spanish film.  (“Pan’s Labyrinth” a fairy tale for adults – “El Laberinto del Fauno” – un quento de adas para adultos.)

And A LOT of them were shocked with how Lapse ended.  When I told them that it’s based on a novel I’m writing, many asked when and where they can buy it and that made me feel pretty damn good.  If anything, it has given me more drive to work on the novel which I’ve been doing almost daily since after over a year of it being in a sort of hiatus due to other more pressing projects.  Maybe by the summer I’ll have a draft ready to submit for consideration to a publisher.


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